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Why Cloud Servers Are Better than Dedicated Servers

If you intend to use the internet for commercial purposes and generate sales, there are considerations you have to keep in mind in order to be dominant online. First of all, you need a beautifully designed website to showcase your products in a good way. You also need a server and this can be achieved by either the dedicated or cloud server. Recently, there has been a major shift from the use of dedicated servers to using cloud servers for many reasons and some of them are covered here.

With customers needing better and faster services, the internet speeds are being improved to meet this demand. According to studies on internet usage, many people often leave a website when it takes five or more seconds to load. If you have a slow website, you are missing out on a lot of customers and having a cloud server will help you eliminate this problem. Shifting to a cloud server is your best option when it comes to getting better speeds at cheaper rates.

Scalability is another factor that places cloud servers at a better position than dedicated servers. Scalability can be either vertical in the event that hardware is added and horizontal when the network is joined to in order to even out the load. Virtual servers have the ability to expand very fast compared to the dedicated servers which are very slow, especially since they have to make a backup.
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Virtual or cloud servers are cheaper compared to dedicated servers which means that you need to spend less to get the service. In cloud servers, you will only be required to pay for whatever you are using but in dedicated servers, you will have to pay for all the space acquired. Compared to cloud servers, dedicated servers allow wastage of resources since you pay for the entire space and not just what is being used.
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Cloud hosting works well for a wide range of purposes and you can host just about any kind of site or data that you would like to host. Startups as well as small and medium companies can leverage on the power of cloud hosting to run their business operations at maximum power without spending as much as they would when using dedicated servers. Cloud hosting is also the best option for business that are growing fast since it can be easily upgraded. Both small and large businesses have an opportunity to benefit from the power of these virtual servers and you should, therefore, take advantage of it.